About movie

  • Data publikacji: 30 March 2015
Barbara Szlachetka, Leszek Stachowiak, Tadeusz Spychalski
The objectives of the Project:
Barbara Szlachetka proved many times  that nothing is impossible.
Her attitude inspired hundreds of people.
We would like to show to as many people as  possible who was she  and what she has achieved as the most talented polish runner.
THE author of this project is Paweł Sawicki, who took part  in the marathon  in Bełchatów with Basia on 6th June 2005.
Paweł was 20 years old at this time. Basia changed his life forever.
Now he is a reporter  in the local internet television, Północna.TV

Now he is creating a big reportage „multimedia monument„ in the memory of Barbara Szlachetka.
We are gathering all possible memories about Basia (photos, videos and other souvenirs).
We are looking for volunteers, who would like to tell us about experiences connected with our great runner in THE front of camera.

We are also looking for  volunteers who are musicians and who would like to support this project by their own music.
The movie will be availaable for public. It will be great movie!



Pawel Sawicki
+48 608 292 821