X Memorial Barbara Szlachetka in Jelcz Laskowice - preview

  • Data publikacji: 05 April 2015

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Soon (1 May) will be the fourteenth edition of the marathon in Jelcz-Laskowice. This is a unique event in the whole Polish, and even the world.

Originator of the marathon was Barbara Szlachetka, the most titled Polish runner. The history of the run began exactly 14 years ago.

Marathon gained from the very beginning of his followers. To help with the organization of the course included a number of institutions, sponsors and ordinary people. It is worth mentioning Primary School in Miłoszycach, which every year organizes the nutritional point located along the route.

Players will have to overcome 42km 195m in 4 loops .. The route is approved PZLA. For fans of smaller distances provided are racing references: 10km and for children. Jelcz-Laskowice marathon in 2014 won the Quality Certificate for the gear chamber. From the very beginning of the spirit of the contest was Barbara Szlachetka. Him to put in his heart, and its impact on the runners became legendary.

Barbara Szlachetka is considered Polish Forrest Gump. Since the beginning of the career ran 52 marathons in one year and 100 marathons under 2 years old. Thanks received 2 entries Guinness Book of Records. She ran a marathon through the Sahara desert and the course of 100 km between the pyramids. In the course of 72 hours went 405 km. 1.5 years struggling with cancer. Despite chemotherapy, she managed to run a few marathons, including the one in Belchatow.

In 2015 we celebrate the 10 anniversary of the death, and at the same time 10 memorial Szlachetki Barbara. On this occasion, TV Północna.TV preparing a special report on the life, achievements and Barbara Szlachetki marathons. All those who knew her personally, have her memories, photos, and other memorabilia, please contact us.