X Barbara Szlachetka-Memorial and invitation to the film about this runner

  • Data publikacji: 10 May 2015
XIV Marathon and also the X Memorial of Barbara Szlachetka can be considered successful. Running conditions  were very good although at the end of a marathon weather suddenly got worse. 
Arkadiusz Tołłoczko
Co-organizer of the marathon, Chairman of the Running Club Harcownik
The competition was attended by about 470 people. Less than 300 went 10,5km distance.
Commune office Jelcz-Laskowice together with the  Running Club Harcownik organized marathon.
The titular sponsor was PKO. To help organize this marathon joined many other organizations as well. 
Bogdan Szczęśniak
The mayor of Jelcz-Laskowice
It's not just the money, it's also the involvement and work of volunteers. First of all 
securing the route. Firefighters, scouts, police. It is the work of many people today do not visible,
but necessary for the implementation of the project.
On the marathon arrived  Catherine Szlachetki and Marian Kaźmierkiewicz. as well. Both took part in every edition of marathon. 
Catherine Szlachetka
marathon runner, daughter of Barbara Szlachetka
Today I run my 55 marathon. I dedicate this once again to my mother, which I gave the word, when
she was closing her eyes. She is my guardian angel. She gives me power. I want to do it for her, for
myself, for my friends and for all of us, this is my way of life.
Marathon in Jelcz-Laskowice commemorates the life and achievements of Barbara Szlachetki. She was the first  in the world who ran 52 marathons in one year and 100 marathons within less than 2 years since the beginning of  her career. She set  many Polish, German, European and World Championships records. 
Mrs. Barbara began to run thanks to her friend Christian Hottasowi.
Christian Hottas
He ran over 2300 marathons. 
We ran together since 1997. I introduced her to the world of marathons. We have created fantastic
team. Those were the best and most intense years of my life.
I promised Barbara five days before her death that I will always participated in this marathon. I asked
her what I will do without you? She said you have to live, you're strong. And as long as I will have enough power, I will come to the marathon to Jelcz-Laskowice.
Barbara Szlachetka is one of the most outstanding runner in the world. It is impossible in a few minutes
tell  you the whole story of Barbara and her achievments. We are currently working on a big film about runner.
Television Polnocna.TV invites to contact all the people who knew Barbara and are eager to
share their memories about Barbara.