The world premiere of a film "Barbara Szlachetka - Kilometers of Memories"

  • Data publikacji: 24 November 2015

The world premiere of a film about Barbara Szlachetka took place on 05.12.2015 in Jelcz-Laskowice (30km from Wroclaw)

24.11.2005 at 11:41 Barbara died Szlachetka, one of the most successful runners of the world. To honor her memory, on the 10th anniversary of the movie was made about it "Barbara Szlachetka - Kilometers of Memories". 25 people describe common experiences with Basia, its ups and downs. 43-minute movie will soon appear on the network. Unexpectedly, just before the premiere managed to shoot interviews with successive 5 persons (family members and friends). They are now at the end of movie, and the final version of the movie will appear in 01.29.2016 on YouTube.

Her story is incredible and carries an important message:
- Dreams come true, but you have to fight with all strength.
"Flying Basia" is like a Polish Forrest Gump. At the age of 3 she had paresis of the legs, in the age of 41 she started her career as a runner. Before she died she finish more than 300 marathons, setting many records Polish and Europe. Its achievements can be read on Wikipedia.
Basia in her life, contagious smile and overcame a lot of adversity. Great feats should be properly appreciated. The "Kilometers of memories" is also completing earlier work. Jerzy Skarżyński started writing a book about Barbra, but unfortunately he did not have time because she died too early.
- The movie was produced a year - says the author, Pawel Sawicki. Feature of Barbara Szlachetce is something like a multimedia memorial.

Movie has subtitles.
Justyna Ołowska