Interview about Barbara Szlachetka on Radio Gdańsk

  • Data publikacji: 24 January 2016

Welcome to the official premiere of the documentary film "Barbara Szlachetka - kilometers of memories," which will be held on 29.01.2016 in Pruszcz Gdanski in ZSO No. 1 at 19:00. Before the film will be a short concert of Martin Gębka - composer of film music from Pruszcz Gdanski.

The first show was held reportage 05/12/2015 in Jelcz-Laskowice, where she came from Barbara Szlachetka. Surprisingly for a few minutes just before the premiere was able to overdub a few interviews with family members and one friend. Therefore, the final version of the film will contain these additional memories.

The interview with Paul Sawicki, the author of the film Vladimir Machnikowski conducted in Radio Gdańsk.

It all started in Pruszcz Gdanski
In Pruszcz Gdanski, a film about one of the most successful runners of the world. The realization of reportage took up resident Pruszcz Gdansk Pawel Sawicki, who is also a marathon runner. "I had the opportunity to run a marathon with Basia. It was an amazing encounter that changed my life"- he admits. 25 people tells the memories of this great marathon runner. Footages were recorded in many places in Poland, German, and even Brazil. It is interesting to add that part of the movie was recorded also in Faktoria (Pruszcz Gdański). Quite a few scenes from the film were also recorded in Gdansk during the 1st PZU Gdańsk Marathon. The music for the coverage created by musicians from across the Polish, and the theme was composed by Marcin Gębka, composer of Pruszcz Gdanski.

Mayor of Gdansk Pruszcz Janusz Wrobel took premiere honorary patronage.

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